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Publications and researches in progress


The first publication edited by the Fabretti Centre is a volume containing the records of a meeting with the title Conservazione/distruzione del corpo (Preservation/Destruction of the body), held in Turin in 1995. The title of this publication edited by Manuela Tartari is La terra e il fuoco (The Earth and the Fire), Meltemi, Turin 1996. This work is not exclusively concerned with History and demonstrates the impossibility of studying a topic such as death without an opening to other disciplines.

In 1998 Paravia-Scriptorium published two books on death: La morte laica. Vol.I - Storia della cremazione in Italia dal 1880 al 1920, (The Secular Death - History of Cremation in Italy from 1880 to 1920)), by Fulvio Conti, Anna Maria Isastia, and Fiorenza Tarozzi, and La morte laica. Vol.II - Storia della cremazione a Torino dal 1880 al 1920 (The Secular death – History of Cremation in Turin from 1880 to 1920) by Augusto Comba, Emma Mana, and Serenella Nonnis Vigilante, covering the same historical period. Both works made use of the ample documentation available at the Library and Archives of the Foundation and, at the same time, contributed to its enrichment.

Another book, also published by Paravia-Scriptorium is Il sonno e la memoria. Idee della morte e politiche funerarie durante la Rivoluzione Francese (Sleep and Memory – Ideas on Death and Funerary Policies during the French Revolution) by Charles Porset and Marina Sozzi. This work is mainly concerned with the Directoire period.

In 2000 Paravia-Scriptorium published in the Fabretti Book Series an important work by D.J.Davies, Death, ritual, belief. The Rhetoric of funeral Rite, translated into Italian by Giuliana Fubini with the title Morte, riti, credenze. La retorica dei riti funebri.

Marcella Filippa’s work La morte contesa. Cremazione e riti funebri nell’Italia fascista (The Contended Death – Cremation and Funerary Rites in Fascist Italy) was published in October 2001.

In November 2001 Paravia-Scriptorium published the records of the meeting La scena degli addii: morte e riti funebri nella società occidentale contemporanea ( The Farewell Scene – Death and Funerary Rites in the contemporary Western Society).

In January 2003 Adriano Favole’s book Resti di umanità. Vita sociale del corpo dopo la morte (Human Remains – Social Life of the body after death) was published by Laterza. The research was made possible also thanks to a scholarship awarded to the author by the Fabretti Foundation.