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Winners of the Fabretti Foundation Scholarships 
(period 2002-2004)


In 2002, as it happens every two years, the Fabretti Foundation has assigned three scholarships for young people interested in the topic of death. The evaluation criteria for the twenty-six projects that were submitted to the Foundation before January the 1st 2002 (date of expiry of the notice of competitive examination) have been unanimously adopted by the Scientific Committee: suitability with the Foundation institutional aims and projects, the maturity and scientific background of the candidates’ curricula and submitted research project, the feasibility of those same projects, and the publishing possibilities of the final study for each research.

Basing on the above criteria, the following names have been submitted to the Board of Directors as winners of the three scholarships published by the Fabretti Foundation for the two-year period 2002-2004:

-Mr Capello submitted a research project with the title: El Maut: concepts of death and funerary rituals among Muslim migrants in Morocco and Islam. Aim of this work is to point out the fundamental option concerning the Islam migration – either the body repatriation or the creation of Muslim cemeteries in Italy -, and the different views on death, funeral rites and mourning related to either option. This research, which will be carried out, partly in the Maghrebian communities present in Italy (with interviews aimed to point out and analyse the different values related to the different possibilities), and partly in Morocco (to examine as well the differences between a Scriptural Islam end a popular one), concerns mainly the anthropologic field. Due to his specific competence, Professor Remotti has been appointed as Mr.Capello’s tutor.

- Mrs Garbellotti submitted a research project titled Funerary ceremonies and testamentary documents in the Episcopal Principality of Trento in the Modern Age. Object of this work will mainly be funerary practices and the passing of memories, through the thorough examination of testaments and of the role of the confraternities in the XVII-XVIII centuries, important sources for the understanding of the ideas on death, and for the investigation of the process of transformation of funerary ceremonies and of commemoration forms. The Episcopal Principality of Trento has been chosen for its character of border territory, and therefore, under this aspect, particularly interesting for the topics concerning this research. Professor Pastore has been appointed as tutor for this historiographic work.

- Mrs Saletti Salza submitted a well structured project that points clearly out its research methodology and phases. The title is Xav ce mulenge mulè (‘I eat your dead’s dead’) and the work is about death concepts, funerary rites, mourning and interment places among the Bosniac Xoraxané Rom community, established in the parking area of Arrivore, in Turin. The interest for what results from the forced transfers of people with nomadic traditions is directly related to the study of death topics. Due to his specific competence, Professor Roberto Beneduce has been appointed as Mrs Saletti Salza’s tutor.

Many of the discarded projects seem to be of considerable interest for the Foundation, which, therefore, intends to establish scientific relations with some of the candidates, in particular with Mr Paolo Bernardini, Mrs Anna Salice, Mrs Serenella Nonnis, Mr Diego Elia, Mrs Anna Chiara Satta, and Mr Gian Marco Vidor.