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Activities: an overview


Starting from 1990, the association (in collaboration with Dima Logic s.a.s.) has contributed to development of two proprietary system oriented to final applications: a machine translation system and a syntax checker based on unification and logical constraints. The first, E-STAR, is derived from EUROTRA and was applied in the international project TRADE. The second, DIMACHECK, that now has large scale grammars for english, italian and german, was adopted by INPS (National Social Security Institution) for the internal office automation environment. The German Grammar for DIMACHECK is due to collaboration with institution IAI of Saarbruecken; recently was adopted by University of Magdeburg, for a course on controlled languages, and in the project MULTILINT, that is developing a authoring environment for multilingual technical documentation of BMW. Is under development also a french grammar for DIMACHECK.

Regarding relation with the italian scientific/accademic world, during last ten years Gruppo DIMA has concluded 4 contracts for projects of CNR (two of them under supervision of Institute for Computational Linguistics of CNR and 2 in collaboration with University of Turin). and has also supervised 6 thesis of University of Turin (Faculty of Letters and Philosophy , Magistero , e Scienze Matematiche,Fisiche e Naturali - Dipartimento di Informatica) and one of Politecnico di Torino (Faculty of Engineering - Departement of Automation and Computer Science). Other thesis are under preparation.


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