Ateliers of Aperto Torino

My travel between the ateliers continues by now from many years. The curiosity and desire of knowledge loads me to meet and love different worlds: places of the immagination apparently and easily visible but intimatly closed and impenetrable for their own nature. Separate languages that can be variously interprated by our own sensibility and capacity to seize and read them.

I have so discovered that, in the reality, the most simple thing to do but even the most difficult to put into effect for false prejudice ( people says "I do not know anything about art, so I do not want to approach it" ) is to go where the artist conceives the art, where he stops his emotions and ideas.

All that, and other more, has convinced to me to devise and to put into effect, with the aid of some friends, the opening, second a programmed calendar, of the sacred spaces to the artists, the ateliers in order to invite to a dialogue moment they and the public.

This appointment anniversary (Aperto Torino was born in the year 2000) happens in the May month and would want to be continuative thanks to the publication of a guide of the ateliers of Turin and its province.

We would like to thank the artists for their active presence, those people that contributed to promote Aperto Torino and all those that will be approached the art through this experience.

Angela Calella Benlupo
Project and Co-ordination


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