The man is curious
but he fears what he does not know.

Aperto Torino is an event that is trying to help to surmount the natural shyness a lot of people shows in comparison with art, stimulating the curiosity.
To open the ateliers of Turin giving chance to anybody to enter these private realities, it has been a very important step: for the first time the artist accepted to show himself and his own creative space. The occasional visitor becomes, in this way, the leading character. The curiosity becomes the search of through examination and of approaching art through the man besides through his works.

Homo ludens?

Of course! Because the cultural walk gives up the severe appearence and the lightly pedantic connotations of the erudition to favour the game of the contrasts and to stimulate the pleasure of the discover. Turin reveals itself rich of spaces where to do art besides places where to speak about art and others where to show it. I would not neglect the almost sociological inquiry that can be born from an osservation of the map, from the distribution of the ateliers, from the trends of the artists, or these ones in relation to the places. The next editions will contribute to add arguments and fascination to an initiative that, in the first year, had a very interesting number of visitors.

The imperative.

In the mind of the participants to the first edition of Aperto Torino was born the desire of having something in order to record the event and to add a value to the simple data and images collection. This book is taken advantage of the collection of artists who have taken part to Aperto Torino 2000 and it includes others among them. It does not show images of the works but of the places where the artist produces his works.
Here again the centrality of man through the vision of the spaces he created. Aperto Torino is an idea becoming reality as proof of a town where exist ideas and the capacity to realize them.

Massimo Alfano
Gallery Ultime Frontiere


The studio of the artist

This short guide of the studios of the artists that work in Turin and its province constitutes a particular travel inside the world of art and in its secret heart. An invitation to pause, to chat and to know each other according to a program of three weeks.
An invitation opened to everyone to know that space of the artist, his order and disorder, his selfportrait: that genius loci where he carries on a trade every day and where he spends his life for the art.
The studio of the artist becomes the place where he observes himself and his action.
The home of the artist, or a part of it, just like his studio, frequently constitutes his best selfportrait, maybe the most interesting and private … maybe the most indiscreet.
Olga Gambari in the pages of the daily paper La Repubblica (5/3/2000), in occasion of the first visit to the studios, remembered that “once people used to frequent the ateliers of the artists. The idea of Angela Calella Benlupo was born from that memories: to approach the common people to those workshops where idea and matter trasform themselves in art works …”.
The studios of the artists are an invitation to know better the same artists and their personality, not always revealed in their works.
From Leon Battista Alberti, that was the first postclassical author to talk about houses and studios of the artists, to Filippo Brunelleschi, to Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Leonardo da Vinci that give practical considerations about the studio of the artists: “the window of the painter and its comfort, quality of the light. The restricted space of a room is of use to the spiritual concentration of the artist”, in this way the Serlio, Lomazzo, Vasari… and other theoricians and historiographers and, among the artists Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya, Delacroix, Courbet, Renoir, De Chirico (and in Turin Casorati, Cremona, Paolucci, Saroni … ) all of them felt the fascination of the studio of the artist and left memories and precious witness of life.

Giorgio Auneddu
Art Historiographer



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