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Stemma del Viet Vo Dao

"To be strong in order to be useful"

The Viet Vo Dao is an ancient martial art that the Vietnamese people has elaborated progressively during all its history and is an integral part of its culture and soul.
The history of Viet Vo Dao is the Vietnamese people’s history.
The Viet Vo Dao is not only a set of fighting techniques but includes the spirit of a people who has always had to fight to keep its independence and unity.

The form of Art as it is known and spread by the Federation is due to the writings of M° Charles Phan Hoang who has tried to propose it to the Western world;
he has adapted in the form but not in the substance the principles and the techniques of an art which aims not only at fighting the opponent but also at training human beings in all their aspects.

The Viet Vo Dao is not only a set of fighting techniques but also a philosophy, a life style faithful to the saying :
To be strong in order to be useful

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