Viet Vo Dao Techniques

Following the work of codification that has been performed over the years, it has been possible, without any confusion, to collect under the name Viet Vo Dao a series of body movements and both internal and external techniques.
Only with this identification and codification it is possible to clearly define these techniques and pass them on to subsequent generations.
All of this makes Viet Vo Dao a true Martial Art, directed towards a physical and mental culture oriented to health and self defense.
All that makes Viet Vo Dao a complete Martial Art, aiming at physical and physical culture oriented to healt and self-defence.

This means that in Viet Vo Dao, the terms self defense and enemy assume extended significance, as both real and abstract entities.


Quyen seems to be a sequence of techniques in a fixed order. In fact, Quyen is not only a group of techniques but is also a teaching of strategy, a spiritual training and a message of wisdom.
To execute a Quyen, for example to perform a sword technique, is similar to reciting a poem or an ancient sutra: they are different ways to achieve a balance between the material and the spiritual, in order to grow in ones daily life. The Quyen is a more elegant and sophisticated way to learn martial arts, including basic techniques, such as fist and foot strikes, as well as more complex techniques.
Quyen helps one to explore ones mood at a particular moment, in relation to the past, the present and even to the future. After many years of practicing, one discovers that one possesses a treasure hidden within oneself. Through body movements in harmony with each other one can rise above the physical being to release internal energy illuminating the power that one possesses and thus increase ones self knowledge.
The training in a Quyen is a marvelous way for one to improve both the physical and the spiritual self, leading to a balance in harmony and completeness.

The Break
For many people practicing the Martial Arts, the Break is a manifestation of ones personal power, at the same time achieving a release from ones fears or phobias. For someone practicing Viet Vo Dao it must have a different meaning, one that is to be discovered in the Art spirit.
The Break expresses the will to destroy the obstacles that one finds during the discovery of the Chan Dao, that is the Right Way. The Break destroys the human inferiority complex, showing one that, with will and training, one can overcome ones limits.
The Break demonstrates the harmony between physical and spiritual strength - remember the motto: "hand of steel and goodness of heart".

The Competition
The Competition, necessary for the progress of those in training, is a double edged sword. It strengthens the pride of those who look for an ephemeral victory and discourages those who, in spite of good training, are disappointed in the much awaited occasion.
But it represents the painful moment of truth that allows one to appraise in relation to others the level one has reached, which is essential to those who wish to become grow from their experiences.
It is in the ring that the real value of ones own techniques is evaluated. It is only the assiduous combatant, who is sincere with himself, who will know the pain and the pleasure that result from sharing such occasions.

The Maestro
The word Maestro is a translation from the Vietnamese "Thay", which means "he who has achieved the higher level of knowledge in a specific field".
In Viet Vo Dao the degree of Maestro is the highest and most complete level that can be achieved, attained only after a long period of training and of personal search, which concerns not only the technical side but also the spiritual.
On the technical side the Maestro knows the techniques based upon the theories of Viet Vo Dao, while on the spiritual side, the Maestro lives their life in the light of the fundamental beliefs of this Martial Art.