The Idea of Uni-S.E.X.

This is the basic idea around which Uni-S.E.X. develops. If you are interested in it, and you want to open a Uni-S.E.X. section, or simply know something more about Uni-S.E.X., please E-Mail us immediately
Unfortunately this is the only document you can read in English, the rest is in Italian. A complete translation is coming soon...

Uni-S.E.X. was founded with 3 major aims:

  • to diffuse an environmental culture among students of any nationality and university.

  • to promote activities which would increase social contacts among university students, always respecting cultural differences and the environment.

  • to foster the exchange of students among universities in which sections of Uni-S.E.X. are active, and in general fostering cultural/international exchanges.

These aims are affected by:

  1. Small scale interventions - Practical actions
    • Recycling campaign inside University (both in offices and classes). Introduction of paper-bins, aluminium cans compressors, recyclable-plastic containers, etc...
    • Reduction of energy/resources waste (e.g.: paper, heating, double door systems, etc.)
    • Promotion of the use of the BIKE and of the public transports:
      • Safe and covered bicycle-parks
      • Cycle paths to universities (Utopia?)
      • General sensitisation to increase the use of the bike as an alternative transport to the car

  2. Large scale interventions - Educational actions
    • Insertion of environment-related subjects in most university courses
      • As a distinct subject
      • Integrated into other courses (e.g.: building science, energy engineering, economics, political science, etc.)
    • Lectures about environmental subjects (e.g.: Economy and Environment, Engineering and Environment, Power stations, Fuels and pollution, etc.)
    • Seminars and training courses
    • Campaigns on many themes (collaborating with bigger organisations such as GreenPeace, WWF, etc.)

  3. Socialisation activities and group actions
    • Weekends - Excursions
    • Work/Summer camps (in collaboration with other organisations)
    • Cleaning - Restoring - Volunteer activities (e.g.: cleaning of woods, beaches, towns, parks, etc.)
    • Sharing everyone's skills

  4. Information and exchange activities ( Based on the Internet concerning international and long distance relations among Uni-S.E.X. sections and other organisations).
    • International exchanges, mainly with an environmental theme.
    • GOSEA (Global Organization of Students for Environmental Action) relationship and partnership (Read the THE GLOBAL STUDENT ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER)
    • Summercamps and international seminars
    • Reception of foreign student members of Uni-S.E.X.
    • Internet conferences on common interesting subjects
    • Information
    • Proposal (by means of different Uni-S.E.X. sections) of new educational exchange projects (Erasmus, Socrates, double diploma, etc.). In effect, every section should propose some local study course that other sections can submit to their own university commission.
    • Activities aimed at helping students who are participating in a student exchange, both coming or going to a Uni-S.E.X. section. (Reception, information, gathering of experiences of other students, mentorships, etc.). Probably, entrance into a bigger European network with similar aims.

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