Gerd Stobbe

Sijo/Soke Gerd Stobbe was born June 16th, 1948 in Grote-Gaste District Leer/Ostfriesland Germany and married Roswitha September 25th 1970.
Master Stobbe's martial arts career began in 1958 with the study of Judo, Jiu- Jitsu, Wrestling and Boxing.
In 1966, he started training in Wu-shu with Shaolin Kempo as taught by Sensei Hermann Scholz (4th Dan) Sensei Scholz had brought this martial art to Germany.
The art was learned from an Asian Prince Dschero Khan 12th Dan a descendant of the famous Dschingis Khan.
In 1972/73 Sijo Stobbe began training with Chinese Masters and Grandmasters on authentic Shaolin-Chuan-Fa, which he later incorporated with his own techniques.
Mr. Stobbe developed an audit program for Wushu-Shaolin-Chuan-Fa, Chin-Na-Chuan, and Wu-Qi-Tao-Fa.
Titles and Positions:
From 1970 until 1984 - Multiple International and European Championships in several disciplines for different martial arts organizations.
Sijo/Soke and International Wu-Shu Supreme Grandmaster in several National and International Wu-Shu & Budo martial arts organizations.
President and founder (1998) of the International Wu-Shu organization (IWO e.V.)
Vice-President, Referee, Umpire and Founder (1985) of the German Wu-Shu Association (deutscher Wu-Shu Bund DWSB e.V.)
Vice President, Coach Referee-Umpire of the Deutchen Kampfsport-Dachverbandes (DKD e.V.)
Instructor in the Internationlen Coach-Academy and in other organizations and national institutions.
Current Ranks:
10th Degree - Toan Shaolin-Chuan Fa
9th Degree - Toan Chin-Na-Chuan
9th Degree - Toan Wu-Qi-Tao-Fa
8th Degree - Sportkarate (Semi-contact)
7th Degree - Jiu-Jitsu (honorary)
5th Degree - Aiki-Jitsu (honorary)
5th Degree - Ninjitsu (honorary)

To contact Mr. Stobbe:
Gerd Stobbe
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