Roman Barwiński was born on 11.01.1974 in Koło. He started adventure with Wing Chun in 1990 year during study in the secondary school in Toruń. He participated in this period in training in Ving Tsun section of Peter Kolkowski from line of Janusz Szymankiewicz from Warsaw.
            When he finished school he arrived to Warsaw on study in Military Academy of Telecommunication. He continued to study Wing Chun in group of Arthur Rychta. Effective participation he took in this time in numerous seminars and training.
            After study he arrived to Stettin. It period of studying and awareness on new Wing Chun, which abounds with numerous seminars, contacts and meetings: Mark Krótkiewicz - Opole, Didier Bednar - France, Mario Lopez - Germany Close Range Combat Academy, school of black dragon Lębork, Joseph Szargut - School of Plum Flower Kędzierzyn and many other.
           In 2001 Roman opened school Wing Chun Soldiers in Stettin. Wing Chun Soldiers Organization had been accepted for International Kung Fu Federation IKF and WTKA All Styles - organization concentrating different styles. In 2003 year he left Poland and he arrived to Iraq for 6 months where training was able to give in temperature in 40-60 degrees.
            After return in 2004 year he continued to study Wing Chun, he met next friends Adam Laskowski - Wing Chun Koźle, Sławek Oleszek - Kempo Jiujitsu Gdańsk, Jaroslaw Duczmalewski - System of Red Phoenix Warsaw and many others. He became official representative of Brendan Fu Martial Arts Federation. In 2005 after examination he received 1 Dan Polish Federation of Martial Arts.
            Contacts initiated in year 2003 with sifu Mario Lopez and common training meetings contributed to opening in Poland first school of international organization Close Range Combat Academy CRCA - Lopez.

            Now he is official representative of CRCA-Lopez in Poland and he leads Wing Chun School according to syllabus of CRCA-Lopez.