Fikret Kucukakdere

Birth Date: 09/09/1946
International President Grandmaster
Honbu: World Honbu

He was born in Istanbul in 1946. He joined to military school in 1957.
He met to east sports in those years. At first, he was interested in Shotokan karate, acrobacy and gym. He finished his military service in 1968 and went on east sports with karate. He met with Ferhat Özsert in 1968 and started Kyokushin Karate with him. He make Türkiye like this sport with him by working till 1978.
They were first Turks who were invited to Japan in 1979. They joined to Kyokushin Kai championships in October, 1979.
He took the Turkish representation of MAF (Martial Arts of Federations) in 1979. In 1980, he became technic council member of Karate Federation in Türkiye. He went on this work succesfully till 1985. He left Karate federation and set up his federation named as UDOSO. He also supported Karate Federation. He strongly helped the development of Karate.
In 1986, he got contact with IBF (International Budo Federation) and got the representation of IBF in Türkiye.
He made courses, seminars and championships in several cities of Türkiye and he won approval of sportworld by working. He started to have contacts with foreign countries in 1992 and Turkish team got the degree of 3th in International IBF championship in spite of not being so much experienced.
In 1993 Mr. Küçükakdere joined to international championship with his group in Germany and he got the degree of team 3th, the degree of kata 2nd, the personal degree of kumite 1st, 3 personal degree of kumite 2nd and two personal degree of kumite 3th.
In 1994 he and his group joined to European championship in Netherlands.1994 He got one personal degree of kumite 1st, two degree of kumite 2st, four degree of kumite 3th.
In 1995 Fikret Küçükakdere and his sportmen joined to European championship in Germany and got the degree of European team 3th, personal degree of kata 1st, five personal degree of kumite 3th.
In 1997,IBF managed to set up a world championship in Türkiye and as a result, the name of IBF changed to WBF(World Budo Federation).
In 1997, IBF World Championship to place in Metin Oktay Sports Hall and all IBF members were invited but just 13 countries could joined to this championship. In this championship Turkish male team get the 1st and Turkish female team get the 2st.
In 1998, his started to work in order to set up WBF. They prepared the necessary documents and rules.
Fikret Küçükakdere became the general president of WBF for four years. He has still been working to make WBF stronger.
In 2001 there will be WBF World Championship again and till 2001 Mr.Küçükakdere will stay this carrier and in congress he will give the presidence of WBF to the president of the country which took the most votes.

The degrees of Mr.Küçükakdere :
1- Turkish Karate Federation : 4th degree trainer,national referee 5.DAN Karate
2- Kyokushin Kai Kan Karate : International trainer 4.DAN karate Japan
3- Ashihara Karate : International trainer 4.DAN Karate Japan
4- IBK(International Budo Kai) : 8.DAN Karate Nederland
5- International Ashihara Karate : 7.DAN Karate Europe
6- World Jiu Jitsu Federation : 8.DAN Nederland
7- World MAF : Representative,international referee 8.DAN Karate Italy
8- IBF (International Budo Federation) : international referee 8.DAN Germany
9- (World Budo Federation) : International President 8.DAN Karate Nederland
10- Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Aikido, Kuras Federasyonu 9.DAN Cyprus K.K.T.C
11-WBF International Trainer course Grandmaster Cyprus K.K.T.C
12-General Congres 13-10-2004 10h.Dan Kancho

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