Bernd Höhle

Master Bernd Höhle´s Biographie

- Professional Martial Arts Instructor
- Natural Healing Therapist & Tao Wellness Instructor
- Personal Protection Instructor

Hall of Famer Academy Awards of Martial Arts inductee in the Who is Who & in the Martial Arts Museum
World Record Holder in Breaking & World Champion
Writer & Publisher of Martial Arts Books, Video Tapes, DVD´s & Magazines
Film-Actor & Stuntman: Several Time on TV ( Sport-Shows, TV-Series, Action Film & Movie )
Dipl. Natural Health Sciences - World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners
Headmaster of the Martial Arts Association – International ( since 1964 ) with over 1000 Martial Arts Schools and Members in over 120 Countries
Past Guest Lecturer & / or train in Asian, America, USA and Africa ( China, Tibet, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shaolin temple/ Henan, Wudang Temple ), Philippine, Taiwan, Singapore, Malysia, Thailand, Netherland, Korea, India etc. under the Authority of Monks, Abbots, Brahmans, Priests, Sharmans, Grandmasters and legendary Masters, Professors, Worldchampions, K1 Champions, Movie- & Actionstars.

Master Bernd Höhle is a geman Martial Arts Expert he is World champion in Breaking, he has recived as first non-Chinese man a Doctor Degree in Wushu from the Beijing Education University in Peking, Actor in TV & Movie film with called " NO Way " and hold A Breaking World record. Besides it which distinguished recently thus of US President George W. Bush with the Presidential Gold's Award and has recived A of sport Award from the Saudi Arabia Prince Bader am Saud am Mohammad Mogren aluminium-Saud and Honoary Certificate from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. " Millennium Instructor of the Year " the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Int. resound to of Fame, Member of the " Executive Advisory - Committee " of the Eastern the USA Martial kind Association and hone internationally to Representative for Germany internationally Martial Arts Research of institutes Malysia / Sarawak. Ambassadorship from WTKMSF in Pusan/ Korea, World Medical support services team Member, Instructor of the " Blackmaster Commando " Special navy Forces of the Armed Forces Royal Saudi marine, Nominated as the " Best Combat coach of the Year " of the pole and Military of sport Organization, he has recived A Special Award from the Director of sport of the Guyana Ministry of Culture Mr. Kumar (Member of Parliament). He is A Cambodian Martial Arts Games Committee Member (Phnom Penh / Kambodia) and Hon. Advisor & Expert of the Russian Army ( Spetsnaz ) Training Center in Moscow. Certified by Shaolin Abbot Shi Yongxin. 35th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Secular Disciple. Train by the Abbot of the Wudang Temple. Special Achivements from World Federations and Military and Govements worldwide.