Gran Maestro Chiu Chi Ling

Cintura nera X Livello di Kung Fu HUNG GAR

Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling is famous in Hung Ga Kung Fu style. He was born in Hong Kong in 1943. His father Chiu Kao (1895-1995) was a Hung Ga Kung Fu champion during his life. His mother Shiu Ying was also experienced in Hung Ga.
Grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling has been practicing Hung Ga style since he was 6 years old under the guidance of his father. The training was based on traditional methods and it tested both outside and inside of young Chiu Chi Ling. The training gave fruit and Chiu Chi Ling became a great Hung Ga sifu and have students all around the world.

At the beginning of the 1970s Chiu Chi Ling opened a school. A lot of famous people (from athletes to performers) were anticipating for the school’s opening. There was a movie boom in Hong Kong. Chiu Chi Ling had the opportunity to take part in about 70 movies both as an actor and as a weapon master (Snake in the Eagles Shadow, Duel of the Seven Tigers - in which there was also his son). He worked with very famous actor, such as Jacky Chan.
During the 1970s, his father Chiu Kao decided to retire from Kung Fu teaching. The school Chiu Kao opened in 1931 was then taken care of by his two sons, Chiu Wai and Chiu Chi Ling. The two sons shared their duties (also because of their different characters), so Chiu Wai (nicknamed “The King of Kung Fu”) remained in Hong Kong to take care of many schools, while Chiu Chi Ling spread knowledge of the Hung Ga style to other countries. China invited him to many of its provinces. In Japan, Chiu Chi Ling was interviewed at Fuji TV and demostrated the Tit Sin Kuen form. Lots of great Japanese masters kept in touch with him for technical exchanges. In USA, NBC and martial arts magazines wrote many articles about him.
With all the successes, Chiu Chi Ling made a firm decision to develop the Hung Ga association created by his father. He opened many schools all over the world, from Asia to USA to Europe.
Today, being supported by many of his students around the world, grandmaster Chiu Chi Ling is still teaching and handing down the traditional Hung Ga Kung Fu.