RE.TE. Association of technicians for International Co-operation and solidariety.

RE.TE. is a non-governamental organisation (N.G.O.) officially recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to the law, n 49 of 26 February 1987: " Co-operation for Development ".

RE.TE: is a non - profit association of technicians working for solidariety and co-operation in developing countries.

The association's activities lie in developing its own projects. It also provides a tecnical and scientific consultancy service mainly aimed at institutions, producers of co-operatives in developing countries and other local N.G.Os which already work within these co-operatives. It also organizes educational enterprises for development and international solidariety.

The way in which RE.TE. intends to contribute to the open debate of the relation between technology and human development around the world, is by responding to the issues in artisan and industrial production and the training of workers and technicians.

With this aim in mind, a group of technicians from various sectors (school,universities and industry) would be able to interact within the world of volontary organisations,co-operation and developing countries.

The needs and demands of these countries and these areas in society, can be met by exploiting skills which at present are often being used for marketing purposes.

In contrast, a response that works with principles of solidarity operates in such a way to guarantee that ultimate decision on a series of principles (outlined below), are taken by local rapresentative on both technical and political levels.

The principles are ;

A standard of quality in the metodology and work carried out in developing areas.
Ways of introducing aid into the society of a particular country
Development of an autonomous managment on the part of local technicians
The choice of a particular cours of action which does not necessarily reproduce models of development from countries which have advanced technology.

The ultimate decision on the above points are based on an equal partnership which is the result of a meeting between competence, experience and different historical and cultural backgrounds.


The knowledge and professionalism that the association provides or which is able to stimulate are pertinent to the technical\industrial field in the following areas ;

General and specialized mechanics
Elettromecanics and computer technology

Such knowledge and professionism allows us to meet the demands of technical training on all levels. These demands cover the following areas ;

- Study and design, consultancy and evaluation projects;
- Training of trainers, professional training of young people, the unemployed and adults who are already employed in various sectors of industry.
- Management techniques for co-operatives;
- Quality control on organization and production;
- Planning and carrying out of building structures and plants:
- Research and installation of machinery;
- Staff training to improve the quality of production in small scale enterprises.

RE.TE.'s promotion and the management of aid gives particular attention to the development of employment, the quality and wide social use of production, the protection of the environment and safety in workplaces.

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