1st "100%"

To the Heads of State and Government of all countries,
and the Segretary-General
of the United Nations.

The common basic programme I have elaborated to provide a radical, stable solution to the present monetary, economic, social and political difficulties - both local and regional, national and international - is enclosed herewith in order that it may be publicly examined and checked with regard to its purpose, its method, its objectives and sub-objectives, all of which are complementary, coordinated, and synergic, and the main effects stated within it.

Since the first of October, many persons of all sorts and conditions and nationalities have already judged this common basic programme more open to realisation and more advantageous than any other possible programme. For this reason, therefore, we would also draw it to your attention.

Turin 11.12.1990

The italian text of the Common Basic Programme, accompanied by a parallel translation into one of the six official languages of the United Nations, or in German, had been explained to and lodget at the time of the outbreak of the gulf War with the Embassies and Legations of the following sixty countries in Rome accredited to Italy and the Vatican City State, for transmission to their respective Heads of State and Government:

Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma Canada China Czechoslovakia Denmark Egypt Finland France Germany Hungary India Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast Japan Jordan Korea Lybia Luxembourg Malta Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Senegal Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tunisia Turkey Union of Soviet Socialist Repubblics United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay
Vatican City State Venezuela Yugoslavia Zaire

The Common Basic Programme has also been sent to the United Nations Organisation in New York and its Secretary-General, and to the European Parliament in Brussels and its President.

A few days ago on receiving the "Freedom" Medal at Philadelphia, Vaslav Havel, President of the Czech Republic, declared that is the urgent and decisive tasck of the peoples and governments af all countries to reorganise their economic, political and social structures on the basis of the fundamental priciples of unitarity and real, deep solidarity that science and beliefs recognise as unifying the universe and mankind, its activities. its institutions.

President Havel did not know that betwen 11.12.1990 and 15.1.1991, before the Gulf War, the emassies of his country in Rome accredited to Italy and the City of Vatican - togheter with the respective embassies of a further 58 countries, your seven and the soviet Union included - along with an accompanyng letter for their Heads of State and Government, and other oral information from myself, had received, the text of a "Permanent and global common basic programme", precisely built on such fundamental principles, to be promptly and publicly examined, checked and voted for.

I am submitting the same text to you again today, 8 july 1994, formally, because:

just a tool such as a "Permanent and global common basic programme" - indispensable for the cordinated and efficacious existence and evolution of the universe and ourself and our activities - has been lacking hitherto in our global village;

an assembly such as yours is amply able to asses, and well, this Programme and its possible range in relation to your own subjects.

Not to use it, as far as possible, immediately;

to not even communicate its existence and your commitment to judge it as soon as you have jointly and severally checked it sufficiently;

would be to deprive every person and istitution of a tool that interests, and vitally, them too, and will call for their evaluation with yourself as soon as possible before other Gulf War break out.

Over and above any personal and collective judgment, each objective of the Common basic programme and the Programme as a whole is objectively assessable and simultable as "Positive" or "Negative" according to whether it favours or harms the full development and exercise of all the respective phisical, biological, affective, cognitive, creative and communicatory capabilities of every natural environment, person and community.

To hinder such a check - today simultable in the short, medium and long term - of this 1st Global common basic programme would mean to not face the facts as every person elected to a public office undertakes to do as far as possible, finding the courage, when necessary, to modify procedures and preceding convinctions.

Naples 8 july 1994

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