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The Italian Federation is one of the five oldest Federations of Business and Professional Women. It was founded in 1930.

FIDAPA has now a new, dynamic and challenging profile. Its advancement and improvement have been steady and its influence is more and more pervasive.

The range of themes that have been dealt with in depth has been extremely constructive and educational. A good basis on which to build new projects.

A stimulating aspect of the Italian Federation is that its membership includes artists: painters, musicians, writers and poets. Their different outlook adds a new dimension to the many and varied activities of the Federation.

In addition to promoting business and professional women and updating information on science and on new technologies, we also emphasize this aspect of women's culture: concerts of classical and contemporary music, competitions to discover new talents, literary prizes, art exhibitions are organized on a local and national level.

Social problems and those affecting working women are studied extensively within the Federation through the participation to a network of "Women's Consulting Committees" which have been set up all over the country at different administrative levels: Regional, District and Municipality. Often influence and pressure from us have resulted in new, innovative, local laws or the amendment of old laws.

Regional and National Conference and Seminars have been organized and twinnings with foreign Clubs have furthered friendship and cooperation besides the study of problems through multi-faced perspectives.

Research on the following has been carried out: on women as heads of families, on school text books, to analyze the stereotypes through which the image of women's role is often presented to children and students, and on women in management.

The structure of FIDAPA is modelled on that of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women. There is a National Presidential Committee. The National Executive includes the National President, the immediate Past-President, the National Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

FIDAPA counts now 179 clubs, distributed all over the national territory, with nearly 10000 members.

The National Theme 1995/97 is "Women and Work", and has the aim to improve women's status in the world of work.

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