1946 - Right of vote, for the first time in history, to all women.
1947 - In the Constituent Assembly there were 19 women members.
1948 - The Constitution of the Italian Republic is enforced.
1950 - New Bill concerning working mothers.
1963 - A Bill admits women to all public offices and all professions.
1970 - After a long parliamentary debate, a Bill introducing divorce was passed.
1975 - Family Law Reform - a radical reform made essential as result of the introduction of divorce.
1977 - Equal Opportunity Law in the field of work passed, in compliance with the recommendations of the European Community and on the pressures which women's groups and movements had put on. The Law opened to women jobs that had been segregated on gender lines, cancelled many of the protective regulations governing women's work, and it made discrimination against women in hiring illegal. And last, but non least, there were provisions for extending parental leave to take care of children, to fathers.
1978 - Legalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.
1991 - "Positive Actions Law for women". It facilitates the "Equal Opportunities Law" in the field of the work, the development of a career, and it finances positive "actions for women through professional training".

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