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Computational Linguistics:

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The following servers provide access to activities and information related to language engineering.

Suggestions for additional links are welcome.

European Commission - Language Engineering
European Network in Language and Speech, ELSNET
European Speech Communication Association, ESCA
European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguists, EACL
Expert Advisory Group for Language Engineering Standards, EAGLES
European Network of Repositories for Linguistic Resources, RELATOR
FOLLI European Association for Logic, Language and Information, FOLLI
REALITER Latin Languages Terminology Network, REALITER
GED University of Las Palmas Grupo de Estructuras de Datos
ICAME International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English ICAME
CECL University of Leuven - English Corpora CECL
The (about) all on linguistics The Linguist List

Speech on the Web(list of pages related to phonetics and speech sciences)

WWW Indices related to Computational Lingusitics (University of Stuttgard)

Document clustering related links and sites


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