CERP Students Torino - Autumn Congress THE PROGRAM

10th to 14th NOVEMBER 1998

TUESDAY 10th November
WEDNESDAY 11th November
THURSDAY 12th November
FRIDAY 13th November
SATURDAY 14th November

TUESDAY 10th November

18.00 Comgressists Arrival
20,00 Dinner at "Easy Way-Antica Abbadia" Youth Hostel
22,00 Welcome Party at Abasto Club

WEDNESDAY 11th November

8,30 Public transport - BUS 57sb.
9,30 Turin University Chancellorship Main Hall: Meeting with the Chancellor of the Universty of Turin
10,30 Lecture held by Cristiano Fiorio, founder of the PR company E-20.
11,00 Coffee Break
11,15 Lecture held by Turin Marathon External Relations Manager, Gabriella Ravizzotto.
12,40 Lunch with pizza!
14,30 Workshop held by Debora Minasi, Kappa Marketing Department member
18,00 Sala delle Colonne, Torino City Hall: welcome by the Major
18,45 Public transport - BUS 57sb
19.45 Back to the Hostel
20,30 Bus for the restaurant
21,00 Dinner at Imbarco Perosino, a nice restaurant on the river Po
2,00 Bus for the hostel
2,30 Back to the hostel

THURSDAY 12th November

8,00 Breakfast
8,30 Public transport - BUS 57sb.
9,30 Lecture held by Giorgio Pastorella,TORINO 2006 Winter Games Promoter Committee Administrative Manager and by Giampaolo Ormezzano, a sport journalist
11,30 Walking to Mc Donald's
13,00 Lunch at McDonald's
14,30 Workshop held by Mauro Battistin, Invicta External Relations Manager
16,30 City sightseeing walking tour and coffee break or free time or visit to a Civic Museum.
Cerp Students Meeting for BMs, URs, NRs and Internship Bank Responsibles.
19,00 Public transport - BUS 57sb.
20,00 Dinner at the Hostel
21,00 Cerp Students General Assembly in the Hostel
22,30 Leaving for Barrumba, a disco in the city center
3,00 Back to the hostel

FRIDAY 13th November

8,00 Breakfast
8,30 Public Transport - BUS 57sb.
9,30 Workshop held by Dr. Adele Re Rebaudengo, External Relations Manager for Assessorato al Turismo, Piedmont Region.
Workshop's aim is to create a logo for Piedmont Region International Golf Track.
10,45 Coffee break
12,15 Lunch with pizza
13,30 Turistic-Bus sightseeing tour
15,45 Workshop held by Romy Gai, Juventus F.C. Commercial manager, and Carlo Diana, commercial dept. assistant
18,30 Public Transport - BUS 57sb.
19,30 Back to the Hostel
20,30 Bus
21,00 Dinner at Pastarito and Farewell Party

SATURDAY 14th November

9,00 Departure (...Sigh!)