Non profit organization. 
Research, documentation, debate and training on contemporary arts, technosciences and new media. The special aim of the Committee is to promote the international exhibition ARSLAB, as an event of the Turin City Council's Cultural Program.

The perspective, as in the tradition of all the work done by the people who have gathered around the ARSLAB project in this last decade of the XXth Century (from the exhibitions of "ARSLAB 1 - Methods and Emotions", Mole Antonelliana, Turin, 1992, and "ARSLAB 2 - The Senses of the Virtual", Promotrice Belle Arti, Turin, 1995, to the seminars - once again in Turin - "Artistic intuition and artificial environment" and "The new artificial reality", Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, 1993 and 1995) is that of artistic experimentation, crossings boundaries between languages, interchanges of reference systems and metaphors. 
The Arslab's program developes a wide range of conferences, symposiums, workshops, with the aim of updating continuously this perspective on the domain of arts, technosciences and new media.


COMITATO PROGETTO ARSLAB - Arte, Tecnoscienze e Nuovi Media


  Managers:  Ennio BERTRAND  <>
   Piero GILARDI  <>
   Donato PROSDOCIMO  <>
   Franco TORRIANI  <>
   Giorgio VACCARINO  <>
   Massimo VENEGONI  <Dedalo - tel: 39/11/883127 Fax: 39/11/883189>
   Pino ZAPPALA'  <>


Institutions and Organizations
supporting and collaborating with the ARSLAB PROJECT COMMITTEE:
CITTA' DI TORINO - Assessorato per le Risorse Culturali e la Comunicazione
 CICV  Montbéliard  FRANCE
  Starting from November 1996:
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a meeting-space in collaboration with the Netville Project.

ARSLAB COMMITTEE - Via Vanchiglia 24 - 10124 Torino Italy
phone: 39/11/88 31 27 - fax: 39/11/88 31 89
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