Crescendo Install Test - play a midi file from your hard drive

You should see the green Crescendo Control Panel below this text. You should also hear the LiveUpdate theme music from the "Crescendo Test.mid" file.

This site best heard with . . .

If you hear the music and can use the buttons and the pop up menu (mouse down in the Crescendo! button), this test is passed. If you see the panel and the counter is increasing but hear no music, check your computer's sound level. You can do this with the Sound Control Panel.

If the sound level is up, double-check the installation steps, including checking to see that the file "Crescendo Test.mid" is located in the same directory as this file.

If you need additional help, consult the Crescendo Mac Troubleshooting page.

If you are stumped, e-mail the LiveUpdate Help Desk.

Thank you for purchasing Crescendo, and "Spread the Music!"

the LiveUpdate team