Notizie dalla Iugoslavia

A distanza di ormai più di un anno dall'inizio del conflitto in Kossovo, durante il quale erano incominciati ad arrivare all'A.N.I.Mus. messaggi provenienti in modo più o meno esplicito dall'Università di Belgrado e il cui invio era poi improvvisamente cessato (l'ultimo era del 14 giugno 1999), ci è giunto ora questo nuovo messaggio che doverosamente pubblichiamo.
Tutti i messaggi precedenti sono accessibili come questo dalla pagina "Notizie dalla Jugoslavia", che, data la tragica attualità dell'argomento, allora avevamo ritenuto di dover mettere in evidenza e che recentemente avevamo invece archiviato.

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Appeal to the academic public of the world

We, teachers, assistants and students of Belgrade University, are addressing once again to you, our colleagues in knowledge with appeal to raise your voice-voice of reason, against permanent aggression, which is conducted over our country.

One whole year passed since NATO bombs started to fall on Yugoslavia, started to destroy civil facilities and human lives of people whose only guilt is that they were born and they live on this territory.

Today, on the birthday of the shameful aggression, we have to remind you of the devastating consequences of the intention to "prevent humanitarian catastrophe" by throwing bombs under wings of "merciful angel" on the sovereign country which was punished just because it did not agree to be occupied by NATO.

During 78 days of barbaric killing, several thousands people were killed, and more than 6.000 people was seriously injured. Thirty percent among killed people and forty percent among injured people were children. More than 300.000 kids were seriously psychologically traumatized. Children were mostly victims of the cluster bombs with delayed action. Sixty bridges were destroyed or damaged all over Yugoslavia.

Industrial, economic and agricultural compounds, 117 of them, sustained huge material damage. Consequences of such damage are that thousands of people are brought to the edge of existence. Destruction of Yugoslav chemical compounds resulted in ecological catastrophe in the whole regions. Also, there is a long list of damaged medical facilities, 29 of them-11 only in Belgrade. NATO aggression stopped education process for almost 1.000.000 pupils and students in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. More than 480 schools and faculties was damaged or totally destroyed, as well as 50 facilities for kids.

More than 365 monasteries, churches and sacral buildings as well as cultural and historical monuments were damaged or totally destroyed. Some of them were under protection of UNESCO. Aggressor didn't spared even graveyards. Ten TV and radio stations and more than 50 broadcast compounds were destroyed, and that represents the worst form of aggression on the freedom of speech. It is also the biggest civilization shame on the beginning of third millenium.
Nineteen embassies and diplomatic residential buildings were damaged or destroyed. Preliminary estimations of the destruction made during aggression are more than 100 billion dollars. The consequences of the destruction of one independent country under cover of "preventing the humanitarian catastrophe" in Kosovo and Metohija were expelling of 350.000 Serbs and other non-Albanian population.

Resolution 1244 of United Nations Security Council was supposed to end rough violation of basic rules of international law, and to bring peace to all people on this territory. But, one part of our territory is still under aggression.
During the period from June 10th 1999 to January 22nd 2000 on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija there was 4.080 terrorist attacks. Victims of those attacks were Serbs and Montenegrins in 3.866 cases. There were 883 persons killed, 640 persons injured, 833 persons kidnapped and missing, 50.000 homes burned, and 600.000 workers lost their jobs. More than 200.000 criminals and robbers entered into Kosovo and Metohija from Albania.
Dear colleagues, we are kindly asking you to defend civilization achievements stated in UN Charter in order to stop genocide over Serbian people. Ask for the strict applying of the resolution 1244 of the United Nations Security Council. Ask KFOR and UNMIK to stop terrorists activities of so-called KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army). Do this civilization gesture of humanity not just for us, but for all others who will find themselves under attack of some other or differently called "merciful angel" made in heads of the creators of New world order lead by USA.
In the same time we express our thanks to all people who supported us from the beginning and in the name of truth opposed to the policy of their governments. Every University in the world is the conscience of its country. University in Belgrade is inviting all Universities in the world to raise its voices in the defense of the rights to live and work and the possibility to get education.
Let's make the world better, and let's use science and technological progress for the wellbeing of the man.

Sincerely yours,
Academic population of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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