Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 02:37:47 +0200
From: Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

Subject: Dear friends,
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Dear friends,

On the Saturday 08.05.1999 in the early morning, NATO forces žaccidentallyÓ >from three different sides with three missiles hit the Chinese embassy which is located at new Belgrade in which surroundings there are no military or even economical objects. During this attack which is the very example of international terrorism and violence, four members of the Chinese embassy staff were killed, while thirty people were wounded. This morning around 9 a.m. the military attach» with Chinese embassy was admitted in critical condition at Belgrade hospital, suffering from severe chest fracture, doctors in Belgrade hospital are fighting for the military attach»Ūs life as well as for lives of other members of Chinese embassy, the victims of this horrific crime.
Do You recall, by any chance, the measures undertaken by Your government in order to defeat the terrorists, the same terrorists that You now support and make them into Your allies, killed many members of US embassies both in Tanzania and Kenya.
Since You may not recall that You in retaliation bombed Sudan and Afghanistan supposedly hideout countries for terrorists that have caused this žaccidentsÓ, we would like to point that You took any measure possible to exterminate the terrorists who may harm Your nation. Do You expect for China, following the same example of retaliation exercise by U.S., to bomb all NATO allies countries which took part in attacking China territory in Belgrade and murdered Chinese citizens.
We would like to ask You three very open questions:
1. What would be Your response if the employees of Your embassy in Beijing were killed on such monstrous way?
2. How would You, NATO members, react if someone is killing Your civilians and diplomats and in the same time ironically and cynically block the official condemn on behalf of UN Security Council.
3. What would You do once the pilots who relentlessly drop forbidden cluster bombs on innocent civilians fall into Your captivity?
Please send Your answers, comments and questions on and also feel free to visit our web-sites at and on which You can find informations on the topic above mentioned and all other stories related to Kosovo and Metohija and academic life in Serbia.

Sincerely Yours ,

Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World