Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:05:21 +0200
From: Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

Subject: Attempt to murder the truth
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Dear Friends,

On the early morning of April 23rd NATO tried to suppress truth about itís uncivilized aggression on Yugoslavia. Beastly bombing of Radio Television of Serbiaís building did it.
Bombing of Radio Television of Serbiaís building is the latest in a row of insane and criminal attacks of NATO alliance.
It is a fact that ñ bombing of Serbian National Television followed after talks of president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic and special representative of president of Russia Victor Chernomyrdin about peaceful solution of the crises and immediate stopping of peopleís suffering.
It is a fact that ñ in the moment of attack there was nearly 150 journalists in the building.
It is a fact that ñ 15 young, innocent journalists was beastly murdered by NATO bombs.
It is a fact that ñ CNN reporter from Belgrade Mr. Brad Saddler in a brief telephone report about this horrible happening said, ìit is very possible that there are some victimsî. Respected Mr. Saddler said it while his dead and wounded colleagues were pulled out of buildingís ruins in front of him, other reporters and citizens.
It is a fact that ñ in Belgrade and Yugoslavia there is nearly 550 journalists and their associates who work for information companies from all around the world.
It is a fact that ñ nobody of foreign reporters and journalists was harmed since beginning of NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. Even though there is a war going on in our country, nobody even tried to kill or harm them in a beastly manner like NATO criminals killed journalists of Radio Television of Serbia.
It is a fact that ñ Mr. Clinton proclaimed journalists of Radio Television of Serbia as military targets. It was the most beastly way to murder the free mind in our civilization on the doorstep of 21st century. What kind of comment could we expect of Mr. Clinton and his NATO murderers if parents and children of murdered journalists proclaim foreign reporters in Yugoslavia as military targets?
It is a fact that ñ Mr. Clinton, Blair, Solana, Albright, Clark and other NATO machinery are conducting their private war against Serbian people. The fact this war is filthy was proved once more on the protest meeting of foreign journalists and reporters which was held in Hyatt Regency Belgrade hotel. Reporters of German TV Klas Belov and Joschilo stated out that ìAn ordinary man could never imagine it, because the act of a kind is out of range of humanness - an animal wouldn't dare to do such a brutalityî It is a fact that ñ Mr. Clinton, Mrs. Albright and other NATO criminals doní t want peace. They are trying to stop any peace initiative and spreading of truth by all means.

Chairman of the Russian State
Duma Foreign Policy Committee Vladimir Lukin on friday regretted that a planned joint trip to Yugoslavia of Russian parliamentarians and U.S. Congressmen would not take place because the U.S. State Department had barred the Congressmen from going to Yugoslavia. Lukin told the press that a group of U.S. Congressmen, who took part in cooperation between the State Duma and the U.S. House of Representatives, had proposed to Russian parliamentarians that joint visits be paid to Serbia and Macedonia. The Russian Deputies accepted the proposal with pleasure and immediately purchased air tickets, with Budapest having been set as the meeting point. However, one of the initiators of the idea, Congressman Kurt Weldon, informed Lukin at the last moment that he had been summoned to the State Department and in a "sharp form told" that such a trip should not take place. The Congressmen were not only told that the U.S. Administration was against the tour but were warned that no one could guarantee their security. It is a fact that ñ real aim and only intention of Mr. Clinton and of all his NATO criminals is further war, devastation and murder of civilians. It was really proved in a case when NATO air force dropped cluster bombs on village Doganovic (which is situated in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija) on April 24th. Five innocent boys (Edon ñ 3 years old, Fisnik ñ 9 years old, Osman ñ 13 years old, Burin ñ 14 years old and Vajdet ñ 15 years old, all from Kodza family) were killed, and 6 more innocent boys were wounded by remains of the cluster bomb. More remains of cluster bomb were found near the plashes of blood.
It is a fact that ñ Mr. Clinton as man of low moral qualities, what was proved by his perjury and sexual scandals, is insane and responsible for beastly murders of civilians and children in Yugoslavia. The truth and justice were always slow, but prevailed at the end. Thatís why we are sure that Mr. Clinton will be held responsible for all murdered civilians in Aleksinac, Leskovac, Pristina, Belgrade in the court of justice and in front of the worldís public. Also, we are sure that international community and all the people of good will defeat these war criminals, which are sacrificing human lives in purpose of their military industries, their personal profit and insane minds.
Finally, we are hoping that you will help us and raise your voice to stop this bloody war, and peace to prevail over Balkan region.

You can see film about this tragic event on site , this film is made by students who are volunteering in this organization and it represents unique material.

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Sincerely yours,
Students of Belgrade