Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 06:23:02 +0200
From: Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

Subject: Dear friends,
Reply-To: Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights in the World

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Dear friends,

We are Belgrade student association fighting for equality of all nations and all countries
You can find our web presentations on following addresses: and

These days our country, Yugoslavia, had been the object of ruthless and merciless destruction, while NATO aircrafts are demolishing our universities, schools and hospitals, in the same time killing innocent civilians. Big media centers, such as CNN, SKY, BBC , etc. controlled by NATO allied countries, are not allowed to report of these monstrosities. We should all be aware of the upcoming World War III and we should jointly wander who needs these devastation, war and death, knowing that ordinary men most certainly do not. The civilians in Yugoslavia are prime victims of these hideous bombarding, those same people who shiver and tremble in shelters, longing and praying awaiting peace. While NATO villains download their deadly žgiftsÓ targeting innocent civilians throughout Yugoslavia world TV houses, instructed by NATO manipulate on the grand scale with so called žrefugesÓ on Albanian border. We wander how is it possible for hundreds of thousands refuges to disappear in couple of hours? We wander is it possible for journalists, by producing these manipulations to give up their human integrity and honor for the price of few thousands dollars, knowing that these absurd fabrications endanger safety as much as survival of one whole nation? We wander whether Mr. Solana, Mr. Cook, Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Oalbright have the children of their own and we want to know how will those same children succeed to be restful in front of God and divine justice, and will they be ashamed of their parents?

Demonstrating the power, only yesterday have žmightyÓ NATO pilots bombarded international train No 393, on destination from Belgrade to Thessaloniki, outcome of at least 10 dead civilian, so far pulled out from totally demolished train. One of the victims is 10-year old boy, who, in his short life represented SUCH A threat for US national security and Western alliance interest. Nevertheless this horribly crime, Mr. Solana is unperturbed in his determination to face world media with blunt lies concerning so called žhumanitarian catastropheÓ on Kosovo. We wander whether killing a child ranks as some sort of the crime on NATO list? We are anxious to know, whether ždemocraticÓ CNN would ever show the anguish of the boyŪs mother uncontrollably weeping over fragile body, whom she was not able to protect >from monstrous žworld benefactorsÓ? We are positive it would never happen, since CNN report live from severely damaged Serbia town Aleksinac, was so abruptly interrupted, once it showed the massacre that NATO airplanes left behind: dead civilians, shattered houses, demolished densely populated downtown. Regardless of all injustices and beastliness, we still believe that thrush will prevail one day, it may be slow but at the end it is all that remains. We are extremely sorry that nations of the world, our world, especially Europe whom Yugoslavia belongs are not aware that we all face the collapse of humankind and world civilization. We are devastated that our peace, our equality and most of all our future is in the hands of the žWarlordsÓ such as Mr. Solana, Mr. Cook, Mr. Blair, Mr. Schirak and Mrs. Oalbright and the rest of NATO armada. We are utterly in disbelief that Your money, the money of all taxpayers serves the purpose of killing innocent babies and children, demolishing hospitals and monasteries. Your money would serve such a better purpose of feeding many hungry children worldwide, Your money would give them future and resort as much as life itself. Perhaps, Your children will fall as the victims of Russia missiles and bombs and we should all ask ourselves is it worth?

The question remains whether our world on the beginning of 21st century should be ruled by people who have no respect whatsoever neither for international Law and United Nations and to whom human lives, both ours and Yours mean nothing. These same people have received on numerous occasions the millions of dollars from infamous Albanian druglords, in order to initiate this filthy Balkan war. Just a remainder of the very druglords, who sell their deadly purchases, to children in Europe as well as in US, that keeps murdering Your children too.

Raise Your voice, our dear friends, for the lives of our children, for the benefit of young and we will duly forgive You, as we Serbs had always been thought to eventually forgive our villains.

We would like to apologize for eventual inconveniences that our letter might have brought up.

You can forward all your questions, comments and suggestions on following addresses: and

Sincerely Yours,
Belgrade Academic Center for Equal Rights in the World